KMAAN Cards Request



The “Keeps Me Awake At Night” or KMAAN (pronounced K-Man) cards are a collection of topics and related questions that GenSpring professionals have heard from countless families over the years. They represent complex dilemmas about family wealth that successful families face and for which there is often no single right answer.
The cards have been developed to help families realize that many of their questions are not unique. Families can use the cards to clarify their current concerns or learn about issues that may not be applicable today but may become so in time. Often the cards are a catalyst in helping families become more aware of and comfortable talking about their own, unique KMAANs. In fact, there are a few blank cards in each deck for families to write down the questions that they are struggling with that are not otherwise captured.

We look forward to helping you address the issues about your family and wealth that keep you awake at night.