Protect Capital

Protect Capital

Consistent discipline and risk management

At GenSpring, our goal is to conscientiously protect the capital you entrust to us while also realizing your growth objectives. Through discipline and a long-term perspective, we help investors avoid emotional investment decisions such as chasing returns. We leverage innovative tools and technology to mobilize market intelligence and manage your portfolio risk.

Rigorous manager oversight

Our highly credentialed and client-focused investment teams perform ongoing review of managers and investment solutions to assess risk adjusted performance, adherence to style, performance attribution, portfolio impact, stress testing under different market conditions, and effectiveness of active management.

In-depth portfolio review

GenSpring’s family investment officers use these same tools to personally review your portfolio for suitability to your goals and objectives. These tools are also used to ensure adherence to your personal investment policy, as well as to adjust your portfolio to reflect changes in your unique circumstances or goals. In addition, your access to information about your investments is transparent and secure.

Mitigating downside loss potential

Market downside can affect your potential to reach your wealth goals, as losses are difficult to recover. When appropriate, we utilize a diversified set of strategies that dampen the effects of volatile markets to add a level of protection and seek to mitigate downside loss potential in portfolios. Our approach to diversification focuses not only on investment style and geography, but on seeking out strategies that are diverse in their return drivers. When evaluating managers and strategies, we also recognize that careful utilization of cash can help to positively affect the power of compounding.