Invest With Purpose

Invest With Purpose

Supporting multiple goals

GenSpring's unique, goals-based process allows us to craft customized plans aligned with the multiple objectives you may have. A true reflection of the purpose that each of your goals represents, our process matches assets to the time horizon, prioritization and risk management requirements of each investment intention. investing_portfoliocomparison Our goals-based investment management process builds a diversified asset portfolio that is purpose-based. Unlike traditional portfolios, each need — whether it is wealth preservation and transfer, philanthropic giving, legacy accumulation, or lifestyle maintenance — is identified. With a tailored plan for each objective, a full range of investment solutions are utilized to create a customized portfolio for you.

A new way of looking at asset allocation

Our approach and perspective extend to asset allocation. We select asset classes based on a unique "roles-based" framework that captures the functional characteristics of each asset class. To accomplish this in a disciplined and consistent manner, we follow four key steps:
Set Investment Objectives
Develop a portfolio that reflects the hierarchy of your goals and risk tolerance, and establish appropriate performance benchmarks.
Create Strategic Allocation
Prudently diversify asset selection based on structural and secular trends, capital market assumptions, and longer-term risk and return expectations.
Utilize Tactical Allocation
Use shorter-term economic signals and technical factors when they indicate attractive reward potential to invest opportunistically.
Finalize Portfolio Construction
Carefully select a balance of outstanding active managers and passive or enhanced passive strategies when the cost of active management is less compelling.

The "GenSpring Way" of looking at asset allocation