The Legend of the Wealth Map

Once there was a family, not unlike your own, who sought health, happiness and wealth for all generations. As the family toiled, their labors brought forth gifts that flowed like The Great Waterfall — and the family was happy. The waters sent them on wonderful adventures that were new, exciting, mysterious … and fraught with folly.

From Volcano Meltdowns that loomed in the distance, to raging rapids, the family faced a multitude of issues. They found themselves navigating a River of Boulders scarred with the rocks of “marital disagreements,” “family squabbles,” “addiction and recovery,” “sibling rivalry,” “in-law vs. outlaw” and other obstacles that created conflict and forced the family on a river rapid ride that threatened their very survival.

But the family persevered…conquered the rapids, navigated through the Winding Wilderness — set goals, oriented around obstacles, identified milestones and created a mission around the Family Fires that generated new cohesiveness to guide them on their way back to the river. They continued their ride in harmony creating a unique family history through stories, cohesiveness and love.

Soon, however, the family knew they would be confronted with new challenges — their legacy and sustaining the wealth for future generations. By building a Bridge of Generations to help them communicate intentions and create a legacy, the family strengthened their bonds with their growing numbers…Diverting waters to the Reservoir of Next Generations, the family pooled wealth for generations yet to be born.

On their journey, the family learned an even greater lesson — “with wealth comes responsibility.” And the family knew that they could use their wealth not only to build their family enterprise, but to reach beyond and spread good throughout the Valley of Giving — what was barren became robust and what was dry thirsted no more. Through their gifts of service, money and resources the family could bring hope where there was despair and create opportunity where there was none … and in turn the family found satisfaction.

And so…the family’s blessings continued. For they found that through their generosity and care, their family blossomed — their children and their children’s children were true benefactors of wealth with meaning as they climbed their own Mountains of Success, summiting Mt. Passion, Mt. Achievement, Mt. Independence and Mt. Purpose during their lives.

Today…the Legend of the Wealth Map lives on in the lives of those who work to sustain wealth for themselves and their families. For no matter how many turns the River of Life takes … no matter how many eruptions and boulders encountered along the way… no matter how many valleys to water and bridges to cross …through vision, knowledge and planning, the map can be your guide.

The Blessings of the Wealth Map
May your rivers be smooth…
May your bridges be easy to cross…
May your gifts become the fruit of life…
And may the mountains lift you to the clouds!