Family Office Types

Legacy Family Office


For those who wish to focus only on the preparation for and transition of wealth.

The Benefits You Should Expect

Your family office team will create a multi-generational Success Plan in collaboration with you that provides:

A process and program for preparing heirs for the responsibilities of wealth and the transition of decision-making across generations in a manner that is consistent with the intent and requirements of your financial and estate planning

  • A higher likelihood of the purpose of your wealth being achieved through the adoption of best practices
  • Confidence that the transition of your wealth and decision-making will occur responsibly and as you intended
  • An experienced and trained advisor to avert and/or address personal and family wealth issues as they arise
  • Comprehensive preparation of heirs for the responsibilities of life with wealth

Sample Deliverables

Estate Education Governance Philanthropy
  • Estate plan reviews and recommendations
  • Education plans for next generation family members
  • Family meeting facilitation and governance system development
  • Strategic philanthropic planning