Family Office Types

Fiduciary Family Office


For those whose lives revolve around family or charitable trusts.

The Benefits You Should Expect

Your family office team will create a multi-generational Success Plan in collaboration with you that provides:

An integrated plan for performing and managing all trust or foundation assets in a manner that is consistent with the grantor’s intent while best serving the needs and requirements of current and future beneficiaries

  • Relief from the administrative and fiduciary burdens related to recordkeeping, trust accounting and reporting requirements
  • A knowledgeable partner and advisor in all trust matters that facilitates communication across beneficiaries
  • An investment portfolio customized to the needs and/or constraints of the trust or foundation
  • Oversight, management and negotiation of provider costs
  • Productive relationships between trustees and beneficiaries

Sample Deliverables

Lifestyle Investments Taxes Estate Fidcuiary Document Management Education
  • Goals-based financial and cash flow planning, liquidity management and capital sufficiency analysis
  • Asset allocation, investment due diligence, negotiation, selection and consolidated reporting
  • Tax aware advice on asset location and income and gift tax return reviews
  • Estate plan reviews and recommendations
  • Trust administration, accounting and reporting
  • Financial record keeping and document retention
  • Education plans for next generation family members