Family Office Types

Family Investment Office

Family Investment

For those who seek a “Chief Investment Officer” to oversee and manage their investments.

The Benefits You Should Expect

Your family office team will create one or more Investment Policy Statements in collaboration with you that provides:

An investment strategy and approach that is consistent with your individual and/or family goals, accommodates for the varying degrees of risk that should be taken with each, consistently provides you with the necessary liquidity you need and objectively evaluates investment opportunities based first on your best interests

  • An investment portfolio customized to your specific needs and which leverages GenSpring’s access, intelligence and buying power
  • Management and negotiation of provider costs
  • Consolidated investment reporting that clearly illustrates the attribution of your investment performance to the advice you received
  • An emphasis on tax aware investment decisions with a focus on asset location and the integration of tax and estate planning decisions
  • A single point of contact for all investment information

Sample Deliverables

Lifestyle Investments Taxes Estate Document Management
  • Goals-based financial and cash flow planning, liquidity management and capital sufficiency analysis
  • Asset allocation, investment due diligence, negotiation, selection and consolidated reporting
  • Tax aware advice on asset location and income and gift tax return reviews
  • Advice on asset location
  • Financial recordkeeping and document retention