Family Office Types

What do you need your family office to do for you?

GenSpring gives wealthy individuals and families an array of choices to determine how best to manage the financial complexity in their lives.

All of GenSpring’s family offices are capable of serving as the type of family office that best matches each client’s circumstances and needs.

Comprehensive Family Offices

Multi-Generational Family Office
For those seeking to successfully sustain wealth across generations.

Financial Family Office
For those who seek a “Chief Financial Officer” to oversee and manage all of their financial affairs.

Fiduciary Family Office
For those whose lives revolve around family or charitable trusts.

Single Purpose Family Offices

Family Investment Office
For those who seek a “Chief Investment Officer” to oversee and manage their investments.

Legacy Family Office
For those who wish to focus only on the preparation for and transition of wealth.

Family Business Office
For those whose ongoing source of wealth is one or more operating business.

Administrative Family Office
For those complex families seeking help organizing, managing and administering daily financial affairs.