Where we come from makes us unique

GenSpring Family Offices was founded in 1989 in Palm Beach, Florida by Hap and Ellen Perry with the support of a handful of “founding families” and industry luminaries. GenSpring’s founders set out to improve upon the family office model in three ways:
  1. Create a “multi-family” office By serving multiple families from multiple family offices, GenSpring is able to exercise much greater buying power on behalf of its clients to reduce costs and access leading talent and providers while sharing best practices across families
  2. Advise over all aspects of wealth to best manage complexity Integrate and cost efficiently manage all elements of wealth, financial and non-financial, to improve the likelihood of long-term success and family unity
  3. Professionally manage for sustainability Create a professional family office organization that can provide wealth management stability through life events and continuity across generations
GenSpring has been built with a purpose—to be aligned with families and serve their individual needs and objectives.